Stained Glass Classes at Architectural Glassarts


Several of the stained glass classes we teach are listed below. The Beginning and Intermediate Stained Glass Classes are available on a rolling schedule. You choose the day of the week you can attend, then call to make sure we've got studio space for you to work in. If a class doesn't have a date scheduled, call to check for availability. We can generally list the class around your schedule!

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Stained Glass Window and Glass Cutter

Learn to create stained glass from the professionals. Our stained glass craftsmen will show you how to cut glass and assemble your project using both the copper foil (Tiffany) and leaded methods. You will complete 2 projects using techniques not taught in most studios No glass experience is necessary. Supplies for the projects and use of shop tools are included in tuition. Most students complete both projects in 5 weeks. If you need to extra studio time beyond the 5 sessions, it is $10 per session.
Cost $75 -  5 sessions; Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon

Upcoming dates:

  • Thurs, May 27-June 24 from 6-8pm

  • Fri, May 28-June 25 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, May 29-June 26 from 10am-noon

  • Thurs, July 1-July 29 from 6-8pm

  • Fri, July 9-Aug 6 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, July 10-Aug 7  from 10am-noon

  • Thurs, Aug 5-Sept 2 from 6-8pm

  • Thurs, Sept 9-Oct 7 from 6-8pm

  • Fri, Sept 10-Oct 8 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, Sept 11-Oct 9 from 10am-noon

  • Fri, Oct 15-Nov 12 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, Oct 16-Nov 13 from 10am-noon

Make a simple ring-sized box out of stained glass. Learn how to cut, copper foil, and solder a stained glass jewelry box with a hinge for opening and closing the box. After taking this class, you will know basic box construction techniques and be able to make more advance designs on your own!
Cost $40 - 2 sessions: Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​​

In this class, learn how to build a 7" x 9" leaded stained glass panel inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Windows. Choosing from a variety of patterns, you'll cut glass, construct in the traditional leaded stained glass method, solder, putty and polish your window. After taking this class, you will be able to tackle larger sized windows for your home.

Cost $70 - 4 sessions:​​ Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​

Leaded Bevel Window

Learn how to design using bevels incorporating them into a leaded glass design.  

Cost $65 (3 sessions)

  • Sept 24 - Oct 8 from 6pm-8pm

Soldered Pendant



Learn to make personalized, decorative, keepsake lead-free soldered glass jewelry pendants in this class. Students will encase an image or decorative paper in glass utilizing the stained glass copper foil technique. We will experiment with adding decorative wirework, and Swarovski crystal dangles to dress up the pendant. Time permitting, there will be individual project time for utilizing the techniques learned to create multiple pendants or matching earrings. Bring images that you want to use in your jewelry to class. (2 sessions)

Cost $45 Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​


Stained Glass

Candle Holder



Description:Learn to build with stained glass in 3D by constructing a basic candle holder with bevels and stained glass. Pick one of two patterns, learn to cut glass, copper foil, and solder to create a glowing votive holder.

Cost $45 - Three sessions - 

Intermediate Stained Glass


Learn the traditional method of making stained glass windows using the lead came technique. You will learn how to design a pattern for lead came, how to fit and cut the came, and finally to solder the lead. You will finish your panel (up tp 2 sq. ft.) with approximately 30 pieces. You will also putty the panel so that you end up with a beautiful stained glass window.

Cost $10 per session materials fee (will depend upon the glass you choose) - Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon

Begin this class at anytime! Give us a call to let us know you're coming in, and we'll get you started.


Stained Glass Terrariums

Learn to construct a 3 dimensional geometric glass terrarium to hang in a window or sit on your desk. Choose from various available patterns. Tools and materials included in class tuition.

Cost $75 - 4 sessions​: Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​

Learn how to cut and assemble a 4-panel column lantern for use as a centerpiece or night light for your table. Choose from various Art Nouveau, Craftsman or Mission Style patterns. After assembling your column, learn how to wire it into a working lantern. Glass cutting experience required.

Cost $70 plus glass

5 sessions: Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​​​

Stained Glass



Choosing from a variety of patterns available, learn how to cut small pieces of stained glass, solder them together using the Tiffany style of stained glass and attach night light hardware.

Cost $45 (3 sessions)​ Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​

Make a unique reminder of your love for your Valentine this year! Bring an old picture frame if you'd like to use that as your frame (with an opening of 8"x10"), otherwise, we'll frame your small window with zinc edge came. Learn to cut glass, grind it, and solder it together using the Tiffany method of stained glass construction. This class can be taken in conjunction with the Fused Glass Hearts class to make a unique fused and stained glass creation.

Cost $75  - 4 sessions​: Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​


Make a beautiful 12” x 12” quilt that will cast colorful shadows to brighten your home this winter. We’ll have several quilt block patterns to choose from suitable for even beginners. Learn to cut glass, copper foil or lead, and solder.

Cost: $80 - Five sessions:  Thursdays 6-8pm; Fridays 10am-noon; or Saturdays 10am-noon​​​​​​​