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Consultation and Documentation


We meet with you to determine your needs, budget and schedule; including new storm glass, protective glazing, and re-leading of stained glass. We want to make sure the project is to your liking, fits the theme and style of the interior and exterior architecture, structural elements or existing windows to create a well-integrated design.


We can provide you with a list of jobs we have worked on over the years, so you can see how well our craftsmanship stands up to the test of time. We're more than happy to provide a studio tour, If you'd like to see the process. 




Consultation, Design, Fabrication  and Restoration Services


Repairing, restoring, or commissioning windows for your church is an important commitment, and we take that commitment seriously. To help you understand the steps involved, here is a quick overview of the process. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to provide the best service in the midwest!















Contract & Documentation


-including description of work to be done, specifications for finished windows, process of design acceptance, overall budget and payment schedule, deadlines for submission and selection of designs, cartoons and finished stained glass, and responsibility of final installation.


Design-Process Review


Before beginning any work, we create a "fire file"  folder that shows every window in the church. We create a proposal with a full description of the work to be done along with quotes for pricing.

The above photographs detail pages from the project file:

Window Layout Map - We create an architectural layout that documents the existing windows with a map and photographs of locations.

Window Documentation - We photograph and document all existing windows in the church so you have a reference for the list of work to be done.

Stained Glass Restoration Specifics - A detailed list of restoration to be completed, including any framing details for storm glass additions, process for removal and assembly of windows from the church/frames; warranty details; formal contracts; as well as bid proposal.








Fabrication and Restoration


Once a design is selected, the fabrication process begins. We work around your schedule to accommodate worship services and special events. When we arrive at the workplace, we erect our scaffolding and lay down canvas to keep the mess to a minimum. At the end of the project or the end of the day, we clear out and leave no mess behind. After carefully and safely removing and transporting the existing windows to our studio, we can begin to restore them. We are insured and have our own equipment.


Fabrication of stained glass windows includes:

  • preparatory sketch is translated into full-size drawings and patterns

  • colors are chosen, glass is cut, any painted glass is kiln fired for permanence

  • pieces of glass are joined together with lead came and soldered after the panels are assembled

  • windows are cemented to provide water-proofing and some internal strength

  • reinforcing bars are bent to follow the lead lines and blend into the window, then attached to the windows to provide extra strength and support for the windows 

Donor Gift Created to Match the Church Window

A great way to say "Thank You" and to commemorate the donors or others involved in important events for the congregration, we can make miniature windows to give as gifts or to hang in the Church.



Commemorative Windows



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