Fused Glass Classes at Architectural Glassarts


Want to learn all about glass fusing? Come in to the studio and we'll start you off with some of our beginner classes and one day workshops. If you're not new to kilnforming, then come in for our more advanced classes taught by international instructor Carrie Strope. If there's no date listed for a class, or you'd like to take a class on a different date than the one listed, call the studio, and we'll see if we can work around your schedule!

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Fused Glass Basketweave Mosaic Bowl

Make a fused glass bowl that looks like it's been woven! Learn how to cut and piece together a large 14" project that gets fired flat and then slumped into a display worthy bowl for your home.

Cost: $95 - 3 sessions:​​

Fused Glass Mosaic Plate
Fused Glass Explorations

In this 3 session class, we’ll make sample tiles for reference of various firing schedules and talk about design considerations for fusing glass. Class fee: $95, includes use of all tools, all materials and kiln firings​

Striped Fused Glass Dish

In this 2 hour session, create an 8" fused glass masterpiece the easy way! Great class for beginning fusers, kids and parents, too. Ready for a different size or shape? Ask about the different molds available and pricing. Supplies for project, use of studio tools and 2 kiln firings are included in the cost.

Cost $60 - 8" Plate

         $45 - 6" Plate

         $25 - 4" Plate

  • Thursdays from 6pm-8pm

  • Fridays from 10am-noon

  • Saturdays 10am-noon

Using the Morton System, we will create a variety of squares that we will stack in multiple layers to make a geometric “stack up” bowl. We’ll discuss color theory before cutting and creating a fused and slumped 12" bowl.

Cost $95.00 - 3 sessions:

Quilted Fused Glass Plate
Quilting with Glass



Refine your cutting skills and learn to master the Morton Board Cutting System in this class, where you will create one of several designs available to make an 8-12" plate. Class meets for three two hour sessions. We will also explore adding “stitching” to glass using paints and creating patterned glass. Class fee includes use of tools, materials and firing. Please wear closed toed shoes.

Cost $70.00 - 3 sessions: ​​​

Fused Glass Window or Panel
Fused Glass Window



In this fusing class, you'll learn how to decorate glass using paints, frit, stringers, confetti and rods to create your own palette of custom glass. After assembling and firing the parts, we'll cut them down to create a mosaic panel design filling in the gaps with frit. After your 9" x 18" window has come out of the kiln, we'll help you decide the best way to display it! Tuition includes all glass, kiln firings and use of studio tools.

Cost $185 - 3 sessions:​​​

Fused Glass Floral Plate and Bowl with Powders and Paints

Whether you work in stained glass, mosaic or fused glass, you'll get a lot from this class where we'll create elements for incorporation into your artwork. We’ll experiment with over the three day class making elements and inclusions using a cutting machine. Techniques and materials we will explore include: embossing, creating powder wafers, stenciling with powders & paints, metal and fiber paper inclusions, custom dichroic decals, custom etching and sandblast resists, and more as time allows.
Class fee: $150, includes use of tools and all materials and kiln firings for the duration of the class; students will also receive a 10% discount on glass purchased during the class session.

3 sessions:​

Fused Glass Christmas Tree Candy Dish

Decorate and create a family heirloom candy dish shaped like a tree. All materials and tools are provided. The dish has to be fired twice before it will be available for pickup.

Cost $55

1 session:

  • Sat, Nov 27 from 10am-noon

  • Thurs, Dec 2 from 6pm-8pm

  • Sat, Dec 4 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, Dec 11 from 10am-noon

Fused Glass Heart Valentines

Suitable for all ages, this class is only two hours long! After cutting and piecing together fusible glass, it goes to the kiln to get melted together. Make as many as you have time for. 

Cost: $20 per suncatcher

  • Thursdays from 6pm-8pm

  • Fridays from 10am-noon

  • Saturdays from 10am-noon

Fused Glass Pendants

In this 2 hour session, learn the basics of fused glass and create your own fused glass pendants. Come play with bits of glass and put them together to be fired in the kiln, where they'll be transformed into sparkly, wearable jewels. This is a great introduction to fused glass. You'll end up with 2 pendants to keep or give as gifts. Register online under private services.

Cost $20 - 1 session: ​​

  • Thursdays from 6pm-8pm

  • Fridays from 10am-noon

  • Saturdays 10am-noon


Fused Glass Coral Bowl

Learn how to design and shape your own bowl that looks like gorgeous marine coral. You'll learn how to cut and arrange glass, prepping it to be kiln fused and slumped. You choose the colors, no experience necessary.

Cost $45 - One session: ​​

  • Thursdays from 6pm-8pm

  • Fridays from 10am-noon

  • Saturdays 10am-noon

Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Dichroic Tile for Jewelry Making

Learn how to layer dichroic glass to create unique and blingy jewelry. In class, we will stack dichroic glass and stringers to create a layered tile, which will be fired in the kiln. After assembling your tile with assorted dichro glass, you will learn techniques for applying decals. After the tile is fired, you will learn how to break it into smaller jewelry size pieces. The dichroic cabochons will need to be fired once more, then we discuss different methods for applying bails and turning the cabochons into pendants, earrings, bracelets and more! Findings for two pendants are included in cost of class.

Cost $95 - 3 sessions:​​

Fused Glass Windchimes
Fused Glass Windchimes


Try your hand at fused glass by creating a whimsical windchime to brighten your home or garden. We'll be creating an abstract flower/sunburst design. You're welcome to create something totally different. You'll learn how to cut glass, assemble your pattern, and wire together the fused pieces to form a windchime.

Cost $95 - 6 sessions:​​

Cast Fused Glass Sculpture

Fused Glass


6 Week class exploring several intermediate techniques using fused glass. This class is perfect for those wishing to design with fused glass or add interest to their stained glass panels. Projects include embossing, layering and forming glass, culminating in a cast glass sculpture. Cost includes all materials.
Cost: $200 - 6 sessions:


Fused Glass Mosaic Plate
Fused Glass Mosaic Plate

In this 2 hour session, learn the basics of fused glass and create your own 8" fused glass mosaic plate. Learn to cut glass using mosaic nippers and glass cutting tools. Discover how to add more elements to your fused glass design before firing to save you time and money. Supplies for the project, use of studio tools and kiln firing are included in the cost. Plate is available for pick up after two kiln firing.

Cost $65 - 2 sessions:

  • Sat, June 5-12 from 10am-noon

  • Thurs, July 1-8 from 6pm-8pm

  • Sat, Oct 9-16 from 10am-noon

Fused Glass Snowflakes

Come in and make holiday gifts for everyone on your list! There are several pattern options to choose from. Simple snowflakes are $5 each and more fancy and complicated snowflakes are $20 each. Make as many as you want in the time allotted! Suitable for adults and accompanied children.

Cost $5-20

1 session:

  • Sat, Nov 14 from 10am-noon

  • Fri, Nov 19 from 10am-noon

  • Sat, Nov 27 from 1pm-3pm

  • Sat, Dec 4 from 1pm-3pm

  • Thurs, Dec 9 from 6pm-8pm

  • Sat, Dec 11 from 1pm-3pm

  • Thurs, Dec 16 from 6pm-8pm