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What goes in to cleaning and restoring a 100 year old stained glass window to it's former glory?  This...

 Architectural Glassarts offers several restoration services for church windows, including frame restoration (eliminating and repairing damage from wood rot), stained glass restoration (preserving the panels and reinforcing them with rebar to give each window the structural integrity to last generations), fabricating new windows to match existing windows, installing storm glass to protect precious stained glass windows from the elements and much more!

Services include: art glass project analysis, frame restoration, stained glass restoration, conservation and repair, protective weatherproofing with storm glass and glazing, fabrication and reinforcement of windows, commission and custom architectural art glass design services, historically accurate glass painting, consultation, bid preparation, insurance bids and installation.

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More Restoration Services Offered

Statue Restoration
​​​Other services we offer are custom statue restoration.  Our stained glass artists are trained in all types of restoration.
Antique Window falling apart

​Here's a sample of a window prior to restoration.

Framing window with new aluminum frames

For this church, our studio did a total restoration on this window.  We removed all the stained glass and the old wood frame.  We replaced these with a new double pocketed aluminum frame. 

Restored painted glass window

This window in a church in Wilbur, Nebraska was created to match the existing windows already in portions of the church. Each diamond shaped piece of glass, as well as the border, was hand painted and fired in the kiln before being constructed and installed at the church.


Detail of painted panes, below.

Painted stained glass windows
Rebuilt windows with storm glass

This shows the final protective coverings on historical chapel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Restored broken stained glass windows
This window was fully restored by our studio. The location was the First United Methodist  Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Newspaper article rod scott

There were no windows in this church.  This was the childhood church of the owner, Rod Scott, and shows a sample of a memorial window done for his great grandfather.

Rebuilding Stained Glass Window
We take great care in preservation of all aspects of the stained glass panels.
Restored Antique Window

This is the same window after our restoration services were complete.

Framed Church Glass Window

​Here's the final product with redesigned new stained glass windows and added quarter inch plate glass for additional window protection.   We have been installing these frames for over 32 years and all frames going back to the beginning still maintain their original integrity and will last for years to come.

Releaded church glass windows

The windows at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln, Nebraska were in need of reconditioning. The view from the outside of the church was faded, yellowing plexiglass. We illuminated the inside of the church by replacing the plexi with 1/4" plate glass, so the windows are protected from the outside, and given new life! Pictured above from the outside and below from the interior.

Rebuilt antique church glass windows
Storm glass window protect from hail damage
These Tiffany windows in their chapel were restored by our studio.  Our studio also added quarter inch plate glass to preserve and protect the restored Tiffany windows from the elements. 
Restored Courthouse lights

The stained glass lamp above was repaired by bending (or "slumping") flat sheets of glass in a kiln, so that they fit properly to replace the broken glass.

Painted stained glass window repair
Painted stained glass window repair

The foot and hand are samples of painted glass that goes into the kiln several times to permanently adhere the traditional glass paints for the stained glass window.

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